Friday, July 13, 2018

Craft(y) Project: Wedding Couple Party Favour Stickers

Basically I'm pretty ashamed of how poorly this drawing of us came out, but I'm posting this anyway because I really like the idea, which is why I went through with it even though I've never been able to draw myself (with one decent exception when I was 14) or Hannes.

This painting has just been sitting like this for over two years because I just can't manage not to fuck up our faces any time I try. I don't know why! It's some kind of weird complex or something! Maybe when I figure this out and can start using myself as a reference like most artists do I'll finally develop a distinctive style.

Anyway, you know how it is when you get a certain idea in your head, and you just have to try it or have things that way. That's what happened here. After happening upon the idea of an illustration of a couple photo on stickers as a wedding reception party favour, I was like, I'm doing that.

I used Vistaprint, the same famously cheap American printing company I ordered my very basic and silly Etsy shop business cards from a decade ago. Other, smaller companies and individuals with their own businesses do higher-quality vinyl stickers in a wider range of options, but like, if you know me, you know my money situation. For 92 stickers I paid $16, plus $5 for a graphic designer to fit the image to a sticker manually (as 3" circles were too big and I couldn't get this to fit into their 1.5" template evenly, which is probably intentional on their part), plus VAT (even though I thought the total cost of an item and shipping had to be over $25 for the EU to charge that, eyeroll), plus shipping. This was by far the cheapest possible option, even including the extra 10 bucks I didn't expect.

Here are the progress pics. 
Aside from my spooky-ass amphibian girl face I thought I got off to a strong start.

I regretted filling in his gums and hated how it looked. I don't know why I did that.

After filling in the lines on my face and predictably fucking it up massively because of this weird drawing-myself-complex, I decided to see if using white paint to soften the pen lines and create some shadowing like I did with the Octopoulpe sticker design I had just finished (more on that later!). Hannes had also complained that he looked old and like he had round doll cheeks, which he isn't, but he does tho.

Until I started on my own face I didn't even realise these damn pens were green and purple. Wtf. The caps look black and the colour is indicated nowhere on the pens or packages. UGH.

I'm very pleased with the finished product, even if my face looks straight-up bad and Hannes thinks we look like "creepy Doppelgängers of ourselves from the Upside-Down or something".

But whatever, at least my mom likes them.

Again, I am embarrassed by the poor quality of this illustration, but I really love the concept! I've posted this anyway not only because it's short and quick, but mainly because I hope someone comes across this and does it much better! It's a really cute, inexpensive wedding (or birthday, etc.!) idea.

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