Sunday, July 29, 2018

Craft(y) Project: Simple Origami Hanging / Mobile

Remember the cute and generous surprise that was waiting for Hannes at the office when we got back from our mini honeymoon? One night in a Schlafstrandkorb, or beach sleeping basket, on the North Frisian island of Föhr, a beautiful bouquet, some Kinder Schoko Bons, and a bunch of origami boats?

Yes, you remember.
Well, I really loved those stupid little paper boats, they match our decor, 
and I wanted to keep them.

 They lived on our dining table like this for quite a while, surrounding the centerpiece I made by combining the three simpler ones we got - along with cash - from various well-wishers and family friends, like a little tropical island. That wine there happens to be the one Tobias gave us while we were in Heidelberg, too :)

Finally I decided to make a simple little mobile or hanging out of the boats using nothing but a single piece of fishing line (which I somehow still have an unused roll of from my first year in Korea) and a bit of glue.

I cut a piece less than a metre long and folded it in half, so that there was a loop at the top. I used a nearby mechanical pencil to poke little holes in the pointy folded tops of each boat. Then, I arranged them how I wanted to hang them, knotting the fishing line to hold each in place and applying a little dot of glue so they wouldn't pull through.

Folding the piece of line in half to create a loop at the top means there were two pieces at the bottom. So I hung the little boats from each of those the same way, at intervals like plant leaves.

Like I said, the colours match our decor so conveniently: the light blue dining chairs, dark blue dresser we use as a shelf and storage for household items. the scratch-off map of the world with Germany in the middle conveniently being blue, the octopus pillows, etc.!

This is a really cute, simple, cheap or even free idea, similar to the paper crane mobiles I made as a kid and the tropical fish one I once made for a friend's baby shower, so I wanted to share it. 

Even if you don't have any fishing line, you could just use thread from your sewing kit, or buy a roll for a dollar or two. This is a nice way not only to keep origami or other paper ephemera, but for artsy-fartsy-types, not-so-creative types, those on a tight budget, and even kids to make lovely little handmade gifts! ^^

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