Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Schloss Schwerin 2.0

New manhole cover, new place! Actually, you might remember that 
I've been to Schwerin before - but now with manhole cover!

This time we went back to Schwerin after Christmas to show my mom the castle with the adorable Nico, Andrea, and Hanna, and also Hannes' and Nico's moms. By the time we had all gotten up and ready and driven there it was a bit late - I guess everyone had probably been drinking the night before, just like the first time - so we didn't go through the castle/museum itself like we did a couple of years before. It's also quite pricey, and everyone's waffling mind was made up as soon as we saw that it was like $15 or something.

I don't know who made this or why it's in this yard; one of the great mysteries of the universe I suppose. It's absolutely a goal of mine to be financially stable enough to install a sculpture on my property if I feel like it, because this scenario presupposes that I will/would own property.

-intensity intensifies-
(no, we didn't go into this museum either, but I wanted to take a decent picture of it 
since I couldn't get one in the dark last time)

And then, of course, the castle itself; it's still used as the seat of government for Hannes' 
home state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, of which Schwerin is the capital.


This is nothing like the beginning of Beauty and the Beast at all  

Not even slightly, so don't even think it

-whispers- Oh look, a birb. I see you, birb.


I suppose these especially grey, gothic portions are original while most of the rest
has been rebuilt and renovated over time?

Hey swan, you want some drugs?
"Wat who r u"
C'mere, come into this creepy dark cave and talk to me
"No stahp"

I'm just kidding, these lovely swans aren't interested in purchasing drugs.
They don't have opposable thumbs and/or an income.

Just a ruined statue making this place look very classical and storybooky, nbd

The view across the lake/moat; it's difficult to see even in an enlarged photo, 
but the wee cottages on the opposite shore are completely adorable.

Check it out, I knew he'd be back for the drugs.

We all decided to have something warm in the lovely cafe, with the added bonus of 
going to check out what was left of the city Weihnachtsmarkt waiting for us when we finished.

Ohhh Kiss EOS X80 food mode, you are so good. 
Also this was vodka hot chocolate.
"Shut up!" you are saying.

Look at the fucking Wonder Twins here doing Blue Steel and Magnum 
while no one else even realises a picture is being taken hahaha

Pretty cute except for that crane, right?

Wrong! This is cute! This is the cutest! I love it!
#momphotobomb #bestphotobombever

Getting used to focusing on nearby and faraway things with the camera (remember, this is
immediately after Christmas when I got it) and noticed this star-shaped iron chain link..

Not.. doing the best job in the world of framing and focusing but still pretty okay

"Oh look, another pointy stabby church."

Wow, the Christmas Market is still in full swing! Awesome!

Would you just stop being so cute for a second?!

My mom was loving it and having a great time; I can't wait to most likely have her back there 
for the holidays again this year! She had doughnutty things on a stick and we all had glühwein - except for Hanna, who had the non-alcoholic version, called kinderpunsch.

Um, collective derp.

Another #momphotobomb, this time mit duckface

Kartoffelpuffer! These are fried potato cakes served with applesauce and sugar.
Urgh, my hair looked nice when it was freshly dyed, like full-blown Barbie mode.



”Look Hannes, more real cheese than currently exists in all of Japan!"

I really like this one.

And this one.
Focusing skills improving.

A bit later I had one of the most glorious vegetarian street foods in existence: 
German-style sautéed champignons.

They're served with a thick garlic cream sauce (and a piece of bread for soaking it all up 
along with the juice, that no one wanted and that I had a very difficult time throwing away). 
God damn it was good. I mean, this and the potato cakes and all the hot wine, boom, dinner sorted.

My mom and Hannes rode the Ferris wheel with Nico and Hanna while I was having those mushrooms and Andrea waited and talked with me! The other mothers were off taking pictures and browsing shop stalls, I think.

Eee, so cute!

And this one she took from high above it all came out really nice! Her iPhone photos 
(and I don't know which gen she has so don't ask me why) are usually super low-res.

This is Hannes taking pictures of his mother. 
She got "hand-bread", which is stuffed pull-apart bread with cheese, bacon, and what looks like sour cream and herbs.

fucking LOHHHL

And this is me taking a crack at it, trying to turn her into a snack-eating Madonna
with a Ferris wheel halo.

"Oh! Is that what you're trying to do?! Let me help."


There was something to it, though - super high def pictures of people stuffing their faces are.. 
really great!

(exclusive behind-the-scenes access)

There we go, this is what I want hahah

This poor child stood still with her hot Nutella crepe for way too long before caving
and taking a bite - the amazing food mode takes a long time to focus!

"German house and German land; may God protect us with a strong hand."

And at last, before heading back to Rostock, a nighttime view of the castle, because
my cheap old camera wasn't up to the task. Revisiting places with the new one is so satisfying!