Saturday, April 15, 2017

Eros Revenant

Back on February 11th Kaala had their first show sans Matt, and Aaron, Jharrod, and Jordan decided it should be Valentine's-themed, what with the proximity and everything. They booked every band they knew and could get with names related to genitalia and the like:

Makiko did the flyer art and Suzy Krueger is Audrey's alias.

Unfortunately it takes fucking forever to get to El Puente, which is inexplicably located in a quiet suburb outside the main part of Yokohama, so even though it's become "kind of a legendary grindcore venue", in Jharrod's words, and even though bands we like play there pretty often, we had never been before. And I don't think we'll ever go back, because "fucking forever" in this situation equals two full hours. 
Unlike the vast majority of shows here, though, this one was being put on by a group of people we know, and they actually promoted it well and for long enough that everyone knew about it well in advance and had been looking forward to it. They - I think mostly Jorge? - even made a promo video (that Blogger won't let me find an insert for whatever reason).

First up was Jk肉壺切断 (read "nikutsubosetsudan"), a loud thrashy band Hannes and 
I christened "funcore" after their weird creepy carnival music and goofy dance intro.

They're also crossdressing, of course (those little red fabric things are thongs and panties, how
many can you find?!) because it's a Valentine's Day show and they wanted to look like perverts.

Speaking of perverts, here's Audrey unsuccessfully reassuring you that her delicious, fluffy, moist, and blackest-black vegan cupcakes will not make you shit bright colours for a week!

In all seriousness though she's a full-on, professional-grade cupcake artisan.


Hannes isn't here anymore, only Satan!

*in certain instances spontaneous demonic possession may occur
*but you definitely won't shit bright green or blue for 3 - 7 days

I FINALLY got to give Jharrod his Christmas present, a real mead horn from Germany!
There was a lot of buildup because I knew for months exactly what I wanted to get him
and then had to wait for even longer to find out exactly how much he'd love it.

Cunts are amazing.

I mean, they're completely out of their minds. It's like if two guys who happened to be good at 
voice acting and hellbent on self-destruction who were also high on bath salts decided to be
 a free jazz duo, but actually with no jazz, just core. 

This is the cerebral palsy phrase.
I know, I know, I'm going to hell.

The Erections (it's actually all caps with a small 'i' but fuck it), who 
we last saw at Kappunk last year and who have been around since at least 2003.

Jordan loves erections. The Erections. Erections love him too.
Most of what I got of them in the video is him swaying/careening back and forth 
in the tiny amount of space we had in this tiny-ass venue packed full of great people.

Anal Volcano! Daigo plays in this band, too. I had thought I remembered them being faster
and power violencey but when we saw them again recently they were a lot more, like, shugga shugga than I had remembered? Either way, they put on a good show.

Everyone being like, really, you're taking a pic of us, really

Fuck on the Beach doing what I always say they were doing.
Points if you know/remember? No? Okay. Shredding stupidly hard!

What romantic evening is complete without random sex toys placed around the bar?
Apparently the generic Fleshlight here brought back fond memories for more than one of the Japanese dudes present lol

Massive group photo is massive
And I look pretty weird in it so here's the nice selfie I took before going -

Argh! I keep forgetting to ask who this artist is! No one knows except the guys who run El Puente but between talking to all the usual suspects plus Miles and Makiko I really didn't get a chance to find out. Halp?!

After the show we stopped where Jharrod lives at Gotanda to have some surprisingly healthy midnight snacks (because who stops serving fucking French fries to drunk people late at night on the weekend, seriously Japan) and so that he could continue pounding beers and chu-his from his new brutal accessory lol. This is just one of the pics both Hannes and I have gotten of these two in the last few months that perfectly depict their personalities and cute dorky relationship.

And for the following week Audrey tossed her head back in maniacal laughter every time someone frantically texted her about how they were pooping bright blue or vivid green, even though she had lowkey warned everybody a few times and said she wanted pictures. Apparently Hannes got the Crayola-bright green version but of course refused to take a send one. Pretty sure both Jharrod and Jordan did though!

Good night, Kaala, good night!

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