Sunday, November 27, 2016

Coco Farm Winery Harvest Festival 2016

Hard to believe it's already that time of year again, after a bizarrely abrupt and much talked-about mid-October transition from summer to winter, but the equinox came and went two months ago, and the grapes have been harvested.

The vines a neighbour of ours has over his driveway

Last year's wine festival was great, and even though we'd gone to a show the night before and were horrendously hungover, we were really glad Rejon invited us. Her friends were kind and extremely funny, it was warm, we had a bit of a hike, and we really needed to get out of the city and meet some new people at that point.

This year we got up and got going early (but not early enough; it takes nearly 3 hours to get there and everyone else was tipsy already) like normal humans, but it had suddenly gotten very cold and we were worried we weren't wearing enough and wouldn't be able to do anything about it. There aren't exactly any grocery or convenience stores anywhere near the farm where we could get a blanket or something, and it was way too far to go back.

Luckily, the combination of large numbers of mildly inebriated people in knit fabrics clustered together on the hillside under a protective canopy of grape vines, umbrellas and tarps seemed to do the trick, and we felt totally fine once we were there. 
The last train we took was even more retro than usual - and a lot of the trains here are clearly quite a bit older than we are - and had doors that you slid open by hand. The view of the low rolling mountains out the windows was particularly beautiful; the clouds and fog were dragging through the trees, almost along the ground at times, and here and there were bright yellow ginkgo and rusty maple standing out in the dark blue-green on one side and occasionally between a small traditional house and rice paddy on the other.

It's like a cozy little forested wonderland full of plastic stuff!

And, of course, Hannes is too tall for it.

He found buckwheat crepes and also got me one without bacon!

so earthtones. many cute. such beautyful. wow

They didn't have flamenco dancers last year I don't think.

Yep, getting un-sober, that's what was happening

Don found these wild berries and debated eating one, then I found where he got them from and almost did the same lol.

The jazz was extremely loud but got better with time; initially the singers they had were godawful, basically just yelling noises into the mic with the volume turned up to 11 ><

Rejon taking a little nippy-nap; she set up base camp at like 8:30 that morning, somehow.

Group shot!

Haha, joking, this is full-size doggo

How convenient that there were cup holders just the right size for wine glasses on the bus!
Just kidding, this is very not allowed. much forbiden. wow

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