Thursday, January 7, 2016

Halloween in Roppongi Hills

Started working again, stopped posting again. The circle of life, it moves us all. Prepare to experience ALL the holidays in rapid succession!

This may be super late, but I think it's worth it for the video I took while we were walking to the second of three bars on Halloween. I don't remember the name of it or any of the other places from that night, though; we didn't even get wasted, there were just so many people packed into a Disneyland level of density that I wouldn't have been able to see any signs or anything even if I had been trying to keep track.

But, first of all, our costumes..

Goodies, goodies everywhere!

So yeah, I decided to pull another costume out of my closet instead of spending money I didn't have and ended up with "black metal forest witch".

And for his first Halloween costume EVER, Hannes chose Ron Weasley!

Haha, just kidding. He was street cred Ron Weasley!

"Who, me? What?"

We met up with Peter and Naomi - a couple Hannes met through the coworker he hangs out with - and a Japanese guy they brought, along with Ringo and Kike, another really nice couple they know, and Rejon and a friend she also brought.

Our first stop was a cheap izakaya where the large party you see next to us was extremely surprised and amused by our collective presence when we walked in.

-death glares-

Rejon made a fantastic sexy Jesse (of Team Rocket of course). That cool WWI gas mask guy was just someone I pulled into a photo as he was walking by.

Seriously though, look at this shit. Disneyland levels, for real.

Coordinated group costumes are (predictably) a big thing in Japan.

-cue amazed face-

The next several are all just from the stairwell of that aforementioned second bar, which was probably the most crowded bar I've ever been in. Ever.

The one especially glorious bartender

We found an Edward Scissorhands

There was this one brief episode at that place where my purse had simply gotten taken off my shoulder by the shifting of the crowd, which was seriously just a solid glob of humanity, but I squeezed my way through to the back in search of it and found it - though not before enlisting the help of a number of Latino guys and a sexy shirtless Roman gladiator - just as the guy who'd picked it up was tossing it to the ground while his female friend was telling him, "What? No, that's not mine!"

Hannes and said Latino guys gave me a short but stern lecture about wearing it across my body, which I wasn't doing for the few minutes when it'd floated away because I'd needed to get into it and pay for some drinks. For all its faults, at least Japan is one of the few places where people aren't going to steal your stuff the first (second, third, or umpteenth) chance they get.

Group photo!

The Mona Risa.


Finally, the last stop of the night (Rejon and her friend dressed as Sally had left at this point) was a tapas bar - Rigoletto, I think? - in one of the Roppongi Hills towers, but we were too sleepy to keep any kind of a party going at that point, especially while the three of us were stuck at a giant table while the guys went off to smoke.

We called it a night, fairly sober and fairly early and took a way-overpriced but very comfortable and courteous taxi home; aside from when we moved into our apartment, that was the only time we'd used one in Japan. 

Anyway, like I said, posting this is worth it for the video of what the streets of Roppongi look like on Halloween. I can't even imagine Shibuya, which is supposed to be more intense. 

Next time I think I want to be Sailor Venus! What do you think?

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