Sunday, August 23, 2015

Craft(y) Project: Art Mail 4

Yes, the few people who are reading this, it's time for another post about recent art mail packages I've sent out! Oh, the excitement. The feels. The suspense. The drama.

What our table looked like last week

First on the list is the second one I've sent to my mom, the follow-up to the one I sent in maybe early April, which that had a springtime theme. It was also heavily Lala Pado-based, because that magazine is free and available in train stations, and their stylish lady covers are super cute. So I did a summery one. 

Right, no, this bit's a picnic done with other clippings, packaging, and junk mail I'd saved.

Here's the Lala Pado part. I used a Sharpie pen to bring the cute background designs - like the flip flops, the cruise ship, her hat, etc. - into the foregound, and added part of the packaging from a cute pair of insoles I bought a while back and the designs from some pieces of Disney memo paper.  

I'm pretty proud of the fact that the contents ended up having a colour scheme. 
And a Disney theme. And a bird theme. Planned this. Totally. Planned it. >_>

Next is the package I made for one of the coolest people I met in Korea, an Air Force officer who was a fixture in the punk scene until he left a few months before we did. He was also a really good friend to me when I was super down and having a bad time there.
So, I decided to use old show flyers and also to make a picture of his ridiculous little dog, which had a blue mohawk at one point.

Oh, and I found the flattest snacks I could, plus a Star Wars one, to stick in there along with 
the letter I wrote. He had no idea I was sending anything and it brightened up his day, which I was really happy about.

Next up: the super cute, super pink Hello Kitty-themed envelope I sent to my friend Sara, who would've been like a big sister to me back home if I'd met her sooner and we'd known each other longer. She likes cute shit and cats, so that was more than enough reason to finally use my Hello Kitty clippings.

And cutsey stickers, of course. Many, many cutsey stickers.
And that other little package you see was the flattest pink snack I could find: pickled plum sheets.

Finally, a spur-of-the-moment but Grade-A art mail achievement, the Pika-Box.

Disclaimer: I have not been to the Miraikan PokéLab exhibit, but would like to go, 
and in fact picked up the flyer this part came from in Kamakura.

Those space stickers glow in the dark!

My friend Bree asked me to get this stupidly adorable little Jenga-like game for her if I saw it while at the Pikachu Outbreak event, and wouldn't you know it, it was the last one, and it was still hidden where we left it once I had gotten cash and gone back for it later in the day. Boom.

I also included a magnet from the event, a little boxed Pika-figure, and a Pika-waffle cookie snack with a collectible card thingy inside. This turned out to be a well-timed day-brightener-upper, too!

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