Thursday, July 23, 2015

Craft(y) Project: Art Mail 3

It's high time I posted these snack boxes I sent out; one was paid for and went to Australia, and the other was a gift that went to Germany:

Obligatory Wasabi Soy Sauce Doritos and Green Tea Adzuki Kit Kat, 
plus cute DIY kits and more!

Prizes, Prizes, Pri-zi-zes!

Oh, and I used this awesome new mustache-print duct tape my mom sent me.

Stickers stickers stickers

This rainbow explosion went to Hannes' good friends Nico and Andrea and their little daughter. I'd been wanting to send something, anything, for a while, because they were so amazing and generous to me while I was there.

And wouldn't you know it, the package arrived a few days before their daughter's birthday that I was totally unaware of. Such winning. Wow.

This glorious goldfish packing type is from Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

With both of these I sent notes, one with an original illustration, and one on a copy I made of a pen drawing I spent a good two weeks of schedule gaps finishing.

Inspired by my long, boring, generally uninspiring commutes, I dubbed it "Ogawamachi Snack Express". It was originally going to be dark and foreboding and an expression of emptiness and anxiety, but then I was like, "Nope, fuck it, don't feel like drawing buildings. Ice cream sandwich".

... in the interest of saving a bit of time (because this ongoing project is very time consuming already), I made a bunch of copies to write notes on and send out with other art mails.

... and THEN I Deepdreamed it.
Not bad for something that was almost black and white; at least I got a bird and a rat face instead of just dogs.

This next one was finished in April (ahhh!) and I'm only just now sending it to Washington state, to a really nice guy I went to college with and who lived in Japan before I did. It's cafe themed because he works at Starbucks, and because that was one of the easier things for me to do with the magazine and other cuttings I had.

This last one is for another friend I went to college with, who is sadly also leaving Japan soon. We both love Futurama, and since I had this Gundam flyer on hand, I decided to make both sides of her envelope spacey. I actually really like how the front here came out:

She gave me the idea of exchanging short stories as a form of art mail, which I thought was awesome. I kind of sort of wrote one (that is, as you can see, very short indeed) about commuting after she gave me the idea, and that's what also gave me the idea to draw that train hurtling through that silly snack city. Thanks, Evanuska!

And finally, last but certainly not least, the very quick but thoughtful first reply! Hooray!

This one also came from someone who's leaving Japan very soon (aaarrghhh!), but it's so awesome. That fan card is holographic and makes a really cute miniature fireworks show when you turn it.
And as for the Golducks, well, I'm trying to decide on a way to turn them into oversized jewelry. This particular friend, Zac, does various forms of 8- and 16-bit video game art, and pearler beads are of course perfect for that. Love it!

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