Monday, June 29, 2015


One of the several Germany posts from the beginning of the year I hadn't finished and posted yet, this one is from shortly after New Year's, when Hannes' parents took us to the waterfront. 

This particular waterfront is a resort town and section of Rostock called Warnemünde, where the Warnow River empties into the Baltic. This was the first of no fewer than 957 things that were "...nice, but so much better in summer!" that I was of course very happy to see even if it was at the wrong time. It was violently windy, and we got painfully sandblasted walking down to the end of the jetty adjacent to the beach, but it was lovely.


Hannes' mom's camera got sandblasted enough that it stopped working after this; 
I'm glad I was able to get a few really cool pictures without such serious reprocussions.

These are by a fairly famous local sculptor named Jo Jastram.
Hannes' grandpa (maternal) - sort of a jack-of-all-creative-trades -
 apprenticed under him up until they had a falling out.

Stupidly picturesque balance of primary colours is.. Well, you know.

A couple of the stalls on the boardwalk were selling bread, fresh-baked 
in large stone ovens, right there. It kind of reminded me of San Francisco. 

"Wait, I need to get a picture of this,"

"It's a llama. There's a llama right here."
Llama: |:3

They took us to a nice restaurant with delicious hot apple wine, an enormous 
cheesy oven-baked vegetable gratin (which kind of seems to be the standard
 German vegetarian option), and of course beautiful-looking seafood.

It was a pretty glorious afternoon. What a relaxing time that was! I'm glad a got my fill, because really, Tokyo has been almost nothing but stress and aggravation so far. Maybe it seems kind of soon, but I can't wait for the next seaside vacation Dx