Tuesday, May 5, 2015


It's been over a month now and I never posted this year's cherry blossom pictures.


My first cherry blossom season in Japan definitely didn't disappoint, even though we had also meant to go to Yoyogi Park but didn't make it (sorry Angie ><).
I had to go into the office to hand over additional paperwork for my visa application, and it just so happens that my new dancing English monkey company's head office is situated right on the Meguro river - which is more of a canal - in central Tokyo.
I convinced Hannes to come with me; he was reluctant at first, but immediately changed his tune once he looked down one side of the river from a small bridge we crossed.

There was a tunnel along the walkway back with some cute, nonsensical paintings on the walls.. 

And finally, we went back to an Indian restaurant close to the station with a cheap lunch special we'd noticed when we passed by. It also included tiny salads and drinks - iced coffee for Hannes, and mango juice for me.

And then later there was more iced coffee on the roof of our sharehouse, because why not.
Actually, I had a soy milk tea that was super disappointing and could've used a lot of sugar.

We haven't had money to do much since we moved here (just taking the goddamn train somewhere gets expensive), but this one definitely got filed under 'good day'.