Sunday, April 26, 2015


This large island just off Germany's northern coast and its chalk cliffs were one of the things Hannes wanted to take me to see, and Stralsund, where the bridge connects to the mainland, is a pretty short drive from Rostock. Actually, it was one of the last things we did during that glorious, glorious two months.

People had told us that the oceanium (not just an aquarium, but also an ocean museum) there was the thing to check out, so after some difficulty figuring out where they'd hidden it, we parked and walked to it.

What is this, fucking Middle-earth? Just take us to the oceanium, okay?

It's a, um...

A neat coral reef-esque mostly-plastic ceiling installation

"Not sure if jellyfish..."

He comes with a built-in suction cup. I'm a little jealous.


20,000 leagues of awesome, right?

I want... to believe.

- X-Files theme in background -

Aw, and he said he didn't like sea critters.

-X-Files theme abruptly changes to Part of Your World-

Sometimes they have expensive classical piano concerts in their large open sea aquarium room thingy.

And wait, wait... There are penguins on the roof.

That king of the rock penguin craned his head all the way back and let out the loudest, most jackassy call just as we were about to go back inside because it was freezing. 
Golf clap-worthy, I thought.

The huge room with the scale models of huge sea beasties, relaxing whale calls, water surface lights projected onto the ceiling, and big plastic beach chair things you can sit/lay on is also pretty nice.

"Mom! Mom, he's touching me!"

I'm considering compiling a collection of photos I insisted on taking before eating in which Hannes is just staring longingly at his food. He had a beer-battered burger and fries (it was a brewery) and I had spinach mushroom crepe thingies (that I shouldn't have eaten, but what else is new).

Finally, we headed out to see the shore and the white cliffs. We had a GPS in the car, but it had quite literally steered us wrong before and wasn't much help on the island, so we ended up parking in a free lot a few miles' trek from the shore. 

I wish the cool combat boots I'd bought online for the winter didn't have hard plastic bottoms and therefore weren't super slippery, because there were intermittent roads and paths made of huge stones smushed into the ground throughout the woods. With any other shoes they'd be fine to walk on, but of course, I had some awkward/uncomfortable/difficult thing going on.

Regardless, though, the woods were chilly, silent, and peaceful.

This is his disappointed face.
There are a number of different beaches to see, and we had obviously picked and laboured to one of the less-impressive ones.

"Hey. Hey. It's not all it's... chalked up to be, is it?! HA."

Still nice, though. I took a white rock shaped like an egg.

I absolutely love this one.

And Urban Outfitters absolutely loves this one.

On the way back we were talking about how shitty it must've been during the Middle Ages. I mean, you know, you're a traveling merchant or something and you're not sure how far away the next town is; it's getting dark. You're not really sure if you heard wolves in the distance, but you know they're around. In those days there were bears, too. And drop bears, mofos hanging out in the trees waiting for people like you, so they could slit your throat and rob you. Terrible.

I liked these prickly acorn nettle things that landed right side-up.

This old abandoned security fence entrance thing had a creepy WWII vibe.

"Here, I wanted to take a picture of you in here."
-closes eyes-

"Okay, yeah, um, sexy pose works, too..."

And finally, the most hilarious street name in all of Germany that I saw while I was there.

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