Saturday, April 25, 2015

Craft(y) Project: Art Mail

The fact that the amount of storage space in all of my linked Google accounts is no longer unlimited, that I've reached it, and that Google now wants me to pay for more completely killed my desire to post anything on here after a prolific couple of months of unemployed blogging. Maybe I'll move to WordPress?

Before I do, though, I want to share a great idea and project I found out about through Allison, or dear detective, who I met (not irl) through Poupee Girl shortly before it shut down: art mail!

Her mixed media creations, handmade stamps, little paintings, bundles of paper ephemera, and interesting fonts make for something anyone would look forward to receiving via old-fashioned snail mail. For some reason it struck me as brilliant, though it's a pretty clear and obvious way to stay in touch with everyone. Occasionally saying "Hi" with Facebook's messenger somehow just doesn't radiate warm fuzzy feels, or involve recycling snippets of things you've stowed away like a compulsive squirrel. Which I totally do.

On weekends and in the evenings (because Hannes still hasn't been able to start working yet and we don't go out or do anything to save money Dx) I work on bits and pieces, since there are more than 10 people I'd like to get stuff out to, and I don't have any of my crafty stuff. Right now it's just packaging and things I've cut out from free magazines and flyers from the subway, plus the coloured pencils, origami paper, and glue stick I was provided with for my new job.

The first thing I finished and sent out was a Mother's Day package in a springtimey envelope that was partly a response to the awesome giant Easter package I got...

... complete with a simple, childish card (well, I tried) for mom, and a postcard-style one for my grandma.

I was going for a 1950's look, and I think I managed it. 
One of the other things my job provided me with was a miniature pink strawberry-patterned Daiso laundry basket to use for playing games, and the pink heart was actually the tag from that!

Hopefully I don't run out of storage space before being able to post about a few more of these. 

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