Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cute Shit: The Hello Kitty Café

My first year in Korea I was so obsessed with sending as much money home as possible and not spending it on trivial shit that I even avoided going to Hongdae's famed Hello Kitty Café. 
Upon returning to Korea in late December of 2013 I realised what I'd done and pretty much went immediately. 
It was everything I thought it'd be and more. There are different stencils that they use to dust everything with cocoa powder, cinnamon, and powdered sugar images of Hello Kitty. 
I just wish I could eat the mediocre waffles and stuff.

A Japanese girl I'd met once in college in the States also happened to be in Seoul and in need of entertainment for an afternoon last summer, so I took her there and to a couple of other kitschy Hongdae main drag places, too. It was actually really fun, and oddly well-timed for the outfit I happened to be wearing that afternoon, having gotten sick of boring work clothes.

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