Friday, February 13, 2015

Cute Shit: Dunkin' Donuts in Korea

It was the first thing I saw when I got off the plane, which would've been a real kick in the nuts if I'd been entertaining any delusions of false exoticism. Dunkin' is hugely popular in Korea and has a number of fun and unique flavours that change seasonally, plus promotions. Apparently they barely break even on the doughnuts themselves and make all their money on the drinks. Based on the huge number of small locations they have and the fact that the fresh doughnuts, bagels, muffins, etc. need to be delivered to all of them by truck every day, I can't say I'm surprised that their overhead costs eat so heartily into their profits. 

Anyway, their selection of rice doughnuts are unfortunately wheaty to varying degrees, and I know not just because the Korean site says so, but because I've experimented with all of them.
... And the chewisties. The cheese one is the best.
If you're allergic to wheat or intolerant to gluten and dying to roll the dice on a delicious fried bready snack, though, go for the glutinous doughnut sticks or Munchkins with black sesame seeds on the outside. The sticks are perfect for dipping into coffee, and I was almost always able to eat them with very little or no swelling or other symptoms, as my allergies are not severe. 

The purple sweet potato lattés were also a guilty pleasure of mine, and I drank tons of them, especially before leaving Korea. During that time they had these cute ethnic people cup designs to represent all of the countries in which Dunkin' operates. 

So anyway, enjoy my small collection of 2 years of doughnutty phone pics from Korea:

I can't remember what smoothie flavour this was... Maybe taro? Plus a sweet potato rice cake from another chain called Bizeun.

Green tea chewisty

Local black rice doughnut and purple sweet potato latté

Tofu black sesame doughnut with nuts and a honeydew bubble tea from a different café

Red velvet!

They did this "monkey's banana" doughnut and apple smoothie combo last summer

Some Halloween 2014...

Some Christmas 2013...

And the cute Christmas 2014 Moomin campaign!

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