Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Craft(y) Project: Lockers at Work

For a while now I've tried to get back into being creative but can never do something when I feel forced. I just have to be in the mood. One solution to this that combined my being at work at all kinds of awkward hours and, frequently, with long breaks, was to doodle on my locker. Everyone seemed to think this inaccurate and not-to-scale silhouette of Yeouido was really cool:


So one of my coworkers drew Godzilla attacking it, and then another drew planes shooting Godzilla, King Kong-style. The first then drew a little Pikachu on his locker and invited me to vandalise it as I saw fit, so I decided to attempt a more realistic Pikachu in response:

[doodling intensifies]

After that, people started requesting things. Something with Hello Kitty, some recogniseable piece of modern architecture, a rabbit, a polar bear, a guitar, a giant cock (many a bad pun was made concerning the rooster, of course).

While I absolutely stuck to reference pics on my phone for the Dancing House and guitar (that I never finished), I only used them at a few key points for the animals, which made me feel really good about myself, because I've honestly never attempted such a thing before. Except for maybe a couple of half-hearted horses and cute cartoonish cats, fish, et cetera, I've just never drawn animals. What's more, I've received a number of extremely flattering compliments from quite a few people, including a client and father who studied the rooster for a while and then took a picture of it to show his son, who wants to study drawing.

Anyway, I like how it's turned out, and I really like using dry erase marker. Shadowing and texture become exercises in resourcefulness, and of course, the marker usually erases itself if you go back over it. I recommend giving it a shot, especially if you work in a boring, soulless, corporate office :D

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