Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thom Browne's 2014 Collections

So long tiem, wow. The last time I posted something on here was the weekend before HBC Fest, because I've been going out, dating people, being preoccupied and whatever else, but mostly not staying at home being sad. Finally.
It's weird to think about how much has happened since I last stuck something on this crappy little blog, but I guess that's another story that'll be contained within a lengthy series of catch-up posts.

This, though, I've been wanting to post for a few months. It's just about how cool Thom Browne's stuff for this year is, starting at the end of last year with the weird, boxy pseudo-future constructed by said master tailor.

Actually, I read something that made a lot of sense: when you take into account the shoes, eyewear and quilted aspects, the inspiration for this menswear collection does seem to come from Browne's native (Amish) Pennsylvania.

And as for the womens' wear, ugh, I wish I could afford to dress like this for work:

The Fall / Winter '13-'14 RTW collection, while spectacular, should definitely just be called 
"the Helena Bonham Carter collection".


His Spring/Summer collections were pretty amazing, too: Joker-esque asylum women clad in what at times look like the corpses of alien birds and lipsticked men in preppy, nautical, latex military uniforms. Um, yes. Fetish the new floral? I'm down. Anyone who can make eyepatches and insanity fresh, festive and yacht-appropriate is doing everything right as far as I'm concerned.

Aww, creepy.

Unfortunately, you can't hit them all out of the park, and Browne's 1970's Americana-striped pre-fall collection that overtly displayed a shiny golden lack of appreciation for subtlety and symbolism left a lot to be desired in my opinion. 
But don't get me wrong, if it were to go on sale at low-to-mid level department stores (that is, if it were accessible to everyone), the collection would be cool as shit and would obviously fly off the shelves. Minus the leafy crap, I'd love to wear the set on the right.

And now, the one that made me want to do this blog post back in (I think it was) February when I saw it: The '14 Resort Collection. The design and craftsmanship at work here are so good that the man turned the whole effing collection inside-out to show you how it works. And the way he left the threads hanging? Ugh. UGH. Brilliant. I want to appreciate the tweed texture and sharp geometrical execution up close.

So, as much as I love that, check out this crazy shit that leafy nonsense was leading up to. It's, well, significantly more leafy nonsense. Half of the Fall/Winter menswear consisted of "hunters" painted in "camouflage" who resembled those big goofy aliens responsible for creating Leeloo in the beginning of The Fifth Element while the other half were gorgeously creepy fairytale animals. Apparently the whole grey forest set was constructed of menswear fabrics, too.

In 400 years - when evil returns - so shall we, and we vow to do so in pants and coats somehow more ridiculous than those assaulting your senses presently.

Isn't that elephant just spectacular? And does anyone want to get me the bear hat and rabbit eye patch for my birthday?

Last but not least, the womenswear. It reminds me of when the new Omen movie came out on 6/6/06 and Ale and her friend dressed in nuns' habits when we went to see it while I just did my best to look demonic and scary.

Pretty cool, right? While I wasn't aware of him when Michelle Obama wore one of his dresses and coats to the inauguration at the beginning of last year, Thom Browne's definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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