Sunday, May 11, 2014

How to Get to the Yongsan Electronics Market

Last year I made a video about this, because unless you already know where it is, it can be confusing to find, especially if you're fairly new to Seoul. So, this is the text explanation to accompany the video. It's much better and clearer typing it out like this instead of inserting text into the video itself. YouTube's video editor is pretty basic, and it's too tedious.

At Yongsan station, follow the signs for Exit 3. You'll have to scan out of the subway and cross the main station building to get to it. There are sometimes small exhibits going on at that station (like the GUNPLA one I also posted a video of [that you need to turn your volume down for], though that one was pretty big), so keep an eye open for those.

You'll find yourself headed toward a large window that guides you down a corridor, and then to a large pedestrian walkway connected to another nearby building.

Once you get to that next building, you're effectively still in the station. It's a large electronics shopping center, but you haven't actually gotten to where you're going yet. Head to the other side of the building, down the escalators, and out.

Cross the small street and parking lot that'll be in front of you and under still more futuristic pedestrian tube walkway. Continue down the street and you'll soon see where the entrance to the video game market is, on your left, and somewhat underground. That's the very end of the video. Before that you can see the buildings across the intersecting street: that's the electronics market. Like all of Seoul's indoor shopping centers full of little private stalls and spaces, it's somewhat labyrinthine. You probably won't be getting any warranties or anything with what you buy, either, so proceed to haggle with old dudes in basement kiosks cautiously. Usually they're quite nice and helpful and you can get pretty good deals.

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