Monday, January 13, 2014

Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Menswear Collection

Also this one, even
 though it's a velvet suit.

My first reaction to this collection, showcased a couple of days ago in Milan, was: "Eh, capitalising on Game of Thrones, don't care". That is, until I read such a well-written and researched review of it that specifically excluded any mention of said popular show outside of its subheading that I reconsidered and perused the collection anyway.

I'm not going to repeat what I can't say better than one Valentina Zannoni, but basically, all of the inspiration came from the Norman conquest and subsequent rule over most of Europe in the early Middle Ages. (What is this, fucking Middle Earth? Just take us to the accessories already.)

Here's the whole gallery if you feel like clicking through it, and here are some of my favourite ensembles:

But if I could have any of these items for myself it'd be the gloves, which are so heavily embroidered that I thought they were metal gauntlets at first. So, naturally, I can't find any pictures of them, and it's driving me nuts. If more show up in the next week or so I'll add them to this post.

Source: The Predatory Pose
And here's the runway show itself:

Now, the only thing is that this collection is a very obvious, well, not re-hashing of but more like expansion upon D&G's opera-themed Fall/Winter 12/13 collection, right down to the regally-embroidered shoes. Check it out for yourself.

Because of how gratuitously violent and plentiful the kills in Game of Thrones are, I can only assume Bruce Wayne's parents died in the making of both sets.

I am still a little disappoint, D&G. You know what would really make my day, though? To see Aidan Turner - the actor who plays Kili in The Hobbit - in some of these outfits. 
Bear with me here: he and Fili are supposed to fall defending Thorin Oakenshield, but are they really going to heroically kill off the token hot dwarf, especially since they've given him such a lovely romantic plot aside to continue boosting his screen time and fanfare? They can't. Maybe it'll just be Fili (though also good-looking) who'll take a half dozen spears to the torso, making Kili the next in line for the throne (shut up, I don't care about Dain), thus necessitating a new designer wardrobe.

Yes. That will definitely happen in the third movie. 

You can't tell me you're not on board. I mean really.

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