Monday, August 19, 2013

Craft(y) Project: Useful Worksheets & Activities

Often times when I'm trying to find a worksheet for a class 7 minutes before it starts I come across things on Google that are absolutely perfect, but they're from one of those sites that just taunts you with the tiny thumbnail. Bastards.

Here are a few of the kindergarten and elementary-level ESL worksheets I've made. Maybe some other people will find them useful.

Firstly, the Book Report Sandwich. A lot of people use this sort of format and it's mentioned on all kinds of other sites, but I couldn't find a template to actually print. MS Paint to the rescue!

It's just one sheet of paper, so if you have the kids colour the pieces and cut them out, it makes a cute little hand-sized sandwich (I just staple it together). The small size also forces kids with big horrible scrawling handwriting to make it a bit neater so it'll fit.

In keeping with the colour, cut out, assemble and talk about it theme, here's one I obviously spent even less time on: Let's Make Bingsu! At first I thought sticking a whole pineapple, banana, etc. on would look stupid, but it turns out quite cute. I would show you the one I made, but a certain very pushy, punchy little girl insisted on stealing it for her own.

I guess this only applies if you're in Korea, but you could always make an ice cream sundae or pizza version, or you could actually spend a few minutes drawing ice flakes and make it look nice :3

This one is an accompaniment to Eric Carle's Little Cloud:

Finally, there are a couple of different animal and continent worksheets:

This one is Asia-specific, and let me tell you, it makes really low-level kids focus. When you print the little square images of the animals, just stretch it to fit the page. I recommend pre-cutting each set of 7 animals and explaining that they need to be further cut into individual squares. Then give them the map paper. Ask where their country is and if an obviously strange animal lives there, et cetera. The last time I used this one, I had one doll-like little 6 year-old point to the komodo and say, "This is.. penguin~!" Yes, child. Feel the knowledge seeping in.


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