Friday, July 5, 2013

Craft(y) Project: Saturday Class Book Cover

Welp, here we are at yet another installment of "Something School-Related I Made On My Desk at Work". I still haven't finished the (only) two paintings I started and haven't made a couple of recycled collages I've been thinking about a lot or drawn anything. GO ME.

We have Saturday classes, and this time I'm doing a higher-level elementary school one that involves reading passages, discussion and answering questions. My coworker asked me to make a cover for the packet of content he created. The subjects in this book my coworker made include: great artists, European history, world geography (he didn't say which world) and astronomy, so I think I covered those. A certain percentage of Americans think that the Lord of the Rings trilogy is a factual account of somewhere between post-Bronze Age, pre-medieval European history anyway, right?

I ended up making a mixed media collage. I kind of wish I'd taken a couple more pics of the progression, but oh well. First I drew the banner with the name of the class, and then was going to draw a map of the world for the background, but decided that copying the map of Middle Earth would be more whimsical. Then I got a bit funky with the inkjet printer and the cup of water on my desk. 

I spilled some water on Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man - who is the compass rose - so it would blend in better and used the runoff to start making the land on the map. A liner pen I was using exploded a bit, and I ended up with black ink splatter that I though looked kind of neat and added more. It didn't look as good after bleeding in with the water, but oh well.

Then I printed a close-up of Jupiter's clouds and a picture of a few of its moons, all over which I also spilled water. I used that runoff to fingerpaint more colour onto the land and ocean. Even though most of the colour runs out of the paper, I think the look of the images is somehow sharper and a lot more interesting after doing it that way. To complete the thing I finished adding details onto the map, added a few yellow-white paint details and printed and cut out some stars for the Jupiter cloud sky. Some of it also ended up being Mordor, which worked out well. I think it's pretty fun.  

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