Friday, May 31, 2013

Craft(y) Project: Pop-Up Stage

A few weeks ago I stayed late at work on a Friday night making a template for this project, because why wouldn't you procrastinate Saturday drama class prep work? Using only what was in the immediate vicinity of my desk, I made and then created said templates to (kill a lot of time and) teach the kids about the different parts of a stage and their English names.

I was honestly surprised by how well it went over. I thought it might be a little too complicated - as the kids range in age from about 6 to 12 and their levels are just as varied - or that they'd get bored quickly and start whining, "Uugghh, teacher, game!", but as it turns out, it kept them incredibly focused. I'm putting up pictures of all the steps so maybe someone else can use it in an ESL drama class.

Letting the kids draw their own set, props and actor is sort of the fun creative bit at the end, and ideally, you'll want to follow this up with a game on an actual stage, where you shout the names of the different areas and have them run to them. If they're not super into it, just start eliminating the slowest person each time, and before you know it, they'll all be asking you to play again.

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