Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cherry Blossom Season

Well, I finally got to see it: cherry blossom season in Asia. Popular Japanese media is full of references to and images of the much-loved flowers, and I've wanted to see them in person since I was a kid. We had to wait quite a while for them here in Seoul and Gyeonggi, and they finally came after what I called "third winter" (we had fourth winter on Saturday when it rained and stayed in the mid 20's all day) was over.

The Yeouido Flower Festival went from April 12th - 18th this year, but the blossoms weren't even out yet at Yeouido Park or Yeouinaru Park, which is next to the river. It was kind of a weird day anyway, and watching people half-assedly celebrate the windy, still-too-cold weather was a bit of an anticlimax.

Non-alcoholic vinyl bag drinks? What trickery is this?

This stall had most of the Korean street food: steamed corn, boiled silkworms, corn dogs, flat fish jerky, little conical-shelled thingies, sausage on a stick and swirly potatoes.


Si and Chris are ridiculous.

They even tried to climb King Sejong..

.. who was all like, "I'm real tired of your shit".

Cotton candy's pretty popular here; it looks nice next to the blossoms.

After Yeouido, I went with Si and Chris to Hongdae to see a show. It ended up being like something you would have seen at The Bronze in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and was pretty cute, save for the bad English covers. (Say dat you rov me~)

Before that, we found a legit art supply shop called Homi - I've been looking for one! - where I got a set of watercolours, a large pad of watercolour paper, a set of blank postcards and a small hardcover sketchbook. 
It's a bit hard to find, but basically, go down the small diagonal side street across the street from the H&M in central Hongdae. You'll pass a Green Bean coffee and Homi will be on your right a little after that. It looks like this:

And here's a large cherry tree, also in central Hondae, up the diagonal side street where Club Spot is. I'm pretty sure I took one of the most Asian pictures ever when I decided to capture it in all its springtime-fresh glory:

Finally, there are all the cherry trees on the way to where I work in Gwacheon. They're probably my favourite, and the most impressive ones I've seen so far. It's lucky for me that I get to see them every morning. They line a long road of market stalls and houses.

The two pictures above are at apartment complexes in other parts of Gwacheon. You have no idea how impressive these flowers are after the longest, greyest most Soviet Russia-esque winter you've ever seen..

This is one of my favourites.

Just kidding, I think this might be the most Asian picture ever.

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