Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nyx of Asha Beta

It seems like a good idea to do more posts about sort of indie or local artists, and this seems like a good place to start. 

While looking for an article about Steve Pyke's photography on Coilhouse, I happened upon this article about Nyx, Philly and David Lynch. I stared for a second and thought, "Wait, Nyx? I met her once!" Almost two years ago, in fact, in Prescott, Arizona. I wish I'd gotten a few photos of my own, because let me tell you, the ones you can Google don't do her appearance and persona justice. One of my friend's coworkers had been hanging out with her all day, and we all met up again for a little bit later that night. I was pretty drunk and complimented her a few too many times. She's got a very Mad Max, 80's goth, ethnic, tribal, post-apocalyptic thing going on, and she's quite beautiful. I also remember insisting quite vehemently that she couldn't be past her mid-20's when we found out she was quite a bit older than us. Oh well, she deserves the fanfare. 

Come to find out, she's also a very versatile textile artist. I regret not visiting Prescott again before I left for a few reasons, and now the possibility of running into her and striking up a conversation is among them. 

Her various mixed media projects include diorama-like sculptures, collages, jewelry and even a pair of tribal leggings that were sold on Etsy. 

These images of her work are copyrighted, by the way; I'm sharing them from this photostream, which will also take you to her Flikr. She's also featured in this Coilhouse article and probably a few others. 

My only problem is that the most recent Nyx-related content I can find online is from 2011. What have you been doing, warrior woman? Any exhibitions? Are you still in Prescott? Inquiring minds want to know! 

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