Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cute Shit: Cheap Korean Socks & Stickers

There's so much cute shit in Seoul, but I think I'm going to start with all the socks and stickers. They're everywhere, and they're really cheap. Most of the time you can find socks for less than a dollar, and if they're from a street or subway vendor, they're pretty much less than $3 across the board. Unless they're extra furry or slipper socks, that is. Oh, the choices. This is a "Best of So Far" post, and I'll probably do another one later.

What sticker (and colouring book, in this case) sensory overload looks like:

And what cute sock overload in the trendy Ewha and Hongdae areas looks like:

And check it out, I even found socks in a vending machine near Lotte World. Korea doesn't have tons of interesting vending machines like Japan; this is the most unusual one I've seen so far.

My new favourite socks are probably some of the dorkiest I've ever owned:

My favourite stickers so far - and it was a tough choice between these a sheet entirely of tiny foxes chasing technicolor sheep - have to be what I'm dubbing the "highly educational" (as opposed to simply frivolous, these have purpose) dinosaur stickers. Look, their Korean and English names are printed on the card! Learning is happening!

If you're a sucker for stuff like this, you'll definitely accumulate a small collection after getting your first paycheck. I mean, your life's not complete until you have socks that exactly match your Minnie Mouse-themed outfit and a goofy little alligator and some overly-emotional sausages stuck to your phone. Right? ... Right. 8D

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