Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cute Shit: Needle Felting & Finger Tattoos

Tiny, intricate, basically useless things? The answer is always "yes". Don't ask me why I like little felted acorns and pumpkins so much; I guess it ties into the holiday post I made last December and my love for simple, natural decorations.

Source: Design Sponge
Ehrmahgerd, tiny felt pumpkin pin. *o*
Source: That Fuzzy Feeling
I've also come across a few darling and very realistic needle felted black cats, so long as I'm making a seasonal post:

Source: Built on Branches
Source: Wool-in-Legends

So much time and effort! They're adorable, and I don't even like cats! I just can't get over incredibly realistic needle-felted critters.

In keeping with the theme of tiny cute things that serve no purpose, I'm going to pay homage to the tattoo the friend who did the ones on my feet talked me out of: The Moon Crisis Brooch as a ring. After a lengthy Internet search I found a woman who basically got what I wanted, though I was thinking just a black outline to pay homage to the manga instead of the anime. 

Super dorky weeaboo-ish moment? Yes. I'm allowed one every several months. 

Maybe I'll get it later. I thought of it the morning before I went to see her, so I wasn't exactly committed to the idea. After the simple, more-painful-than-anticipated compass-like symbols I got on the insides of my feet under my ankle bones, my friend's description of how she'd have to use a very small needle cluster to really grind in the ink right on top of my finger bone combined with her friend's story about how painful finger tattoos are compared to getting a chest piece and prison-style ones on your feet, I just said screw it.

But here are some other really cute ones I had found while Googling (that don't involve a hipster mustache or Rihanna)! :B

Sources: Ink Art Tattoos and amalie's (still) untitled blog