Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lime Criminal

After years of lurking fandom, I finally splurged on some of Lime Crime's fabulous cosmetics a couple of months ago while I was working full time and sort of had the money. I only bought what I knew I'd wear and would suit me and wish I could afford everything in Doe Deere's catalog, but then so does everyone else who sees it. Maybe one day I'll be wealthy enough to bathe in purple-packaged items bedecked in sparkly unicorns.

I ended up with:

Magic Dust in Diva and Nymph:

Not the most exciting of the criminally bright shades I grant you, but hey, they're still really nice. Nymph looks whitish but turns gold on the skin, making it wonderful for highlighting.

Carousel Gloss in Golden Ticket:

I think a lip primer is definitely required to get the molten gold look pictured on the site, but maybe that should go without saying. Even without a primer it's quite lovely, thick, sticky and opaque, with a nice cocoa butter flavour similar to that of the lipsticks. 

I'd have more pictures of the outfit above had I had time to make a golden apple to complete the impromptu gothic Snow White ensemble I was going for when we went to Brothers Grimm night at Sanctum, but whatever. The necklace is the White Rabbit and I thought the stick pin in my ear looked like a wand. :B

And finally, opaque lipstick in Coquette and Cosmopop:

As you can see, Coquette is a classic nude. The fact that I'm choosing neutrals instead of seizure-inducing electric tones probably means I'm finally, really growing up. Oh god. But that doesn't mean Oh No She Didn't isn't still on my wishlist!

I've gone for orangey lip tones for years because they compliment my natural colouring. Pictures of this being worn to come. Because the Interweb isn't already full of them.

It also occurs to me that this is a good time to share something I asked my relatives in England to hunt down a couple of years ago: an independent magazine about faeries that featured an interview with the lovely Russian immigrant who makes these pretties.

I was admittedly disappointed by the brevity of the interview (which I originally thought would be an article), but hey, what girl doesn't like obscure collectibles, unicorn themes and pretty pictures? Here it is if you want to read it, because it's not exactly easy to find: