Friday, June 29, 2012

Craft(y) Project: Mixed Media Neckpiece

I'm trying to go through absolutely everything I own and finish all of the projects I've started and left to collect dust or just straight up forgotten about as well as made gifts and more things to sell before I jet to Korea.

Currently I'm working on a dress, 6 bags, 5 pairs of embellished gloves, 4 hand-painted shirts, 5 scrap pillows/cushions, two plush toys, a small series of felt goodies, a trinket box with a portrait painted on it, two other paintings, a collage that I hope will also become a painting, a bunch of deco'd accessories and things, 7 pairs of earrings, 2 rings, 2 hair accessories, 7 necklaces, and some other stuff.

Yeah, I think I'll probably run out of time, too. "Too broad in scope and subject matter to possibly execute well or completely" describes every aspect of my life up until this point.

Anyway, here's one of the things I made for myself out of two appliques, a pendant Angelique gave me, silver chain and broken jewelry findings:

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