Monday, October 17, 2011

Obscure 80's/90's Antiheroine and Crush

Thoroughly enjoying obscure and over-the-top movies the way I do, I thought that posting this occasionally would be fun. Oddly enough, both movies involved this time prominently feature a psychotic murderous Ray Liotta, who is neither an antiheroine nor a crush.

Melanie Griffith in Something Wild

So this was a charming little movie I caught in the middle of the night over the summer. A surprisingly cute young yuppie Jeff Daniels ends up following this crazy girl who completely changes her identity and appearance on a regular basis and gets himself in a little too deep. There's a mildly kinky sex scene and two liquor stores get robbed. A good time is had by all.
Here's the poster, which I think also humourously and accurately illustrates how I feel about a certain professor of mine:

Stuart Wilson in No Escape or Escape from Absolom

Apparently this guy was also in The Age of Innocence and Hot Fuzz - though I'd have to watch them again and look for him to tell you where - which is really chalking up to a fascinating and nonsensical filmography. From this we can deduce two essential facts: that he's weird and that he's British. 

This movie (another 3 A.M. special) is about a secret tropical island prison colony in the year 2022 and the homicidal lunatics and assorted unfortunate souls serving out their life sentences there, divided into two large warring bands much like those in The Lord of the Flies.
I also dig postapocalyptic themes, what can I say? This guy is tall, handsome, eloquent, witty.. and violent and insane, so of course I find him attractive. He decapitates a guy with facial tattoos and gets impaled on a giant spike at the end. What a dreamboat.

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