Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Favourite Show: Stuck With Hackett

As far as I'm concerned, Chris Hackett is the most interesting man on television right now.

You'd have to watch the show to understand why - he's an engineer/artist from New York who sounds like Robert Downey Jr. when you close your eyes and just listen. His sense of humour is on the same wavelength as mine, his wit's literally sharp enough to cut through an aluminum can with the aid of water. I love understanding how things work and I also love laughing my ass off, so Hackett does it for me. He mentions being afraid of attracting centuries-old zombie hobos in the first episode and electrocuted himself within the first 3 minutes of the most recent one. 

Seriously, if I were a guy, I know that I'd be like him. I even made my mom watch an episode to confirm it, and after laughing in disbelief and making it clear that she thought he was out of his mind, she said: "Yep, you would, because that's the kind of shit your father did". It made me proud. Looking at Hackett I'm a bit surprised that he's only 38, but I guess getting your face nearly blown off will age you a bit. Whatever. He makes Thursdays sexy.

This picture was sort of stolen from the blog of a guy who works on the show (I think). Winning? Definitely.

Here's a badass interview I also found. It's lengthy but I wouldn't post it if it wasn't awesome, so read it. Did I mention that he doesn't eat meat and finds consumerism inherently disgusting? I think I'm in love, or that I have a new hero at the very least.

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