Monday, September 5, 2011

Craft(y) Project: Yet More Textilesy Containment Vessels

So I decided to go ahead and post one of the little random blurbs I have prepared instead of waiting until I feel like talking about my jaunt to Eastern Europe first. I'm not sure how I'll structure that post, if I'll break it up into several or what, but I've decided to try to avoid long lapses in posting from now on, in any case.

These little projects are exceedingly simple but kind of cute.

I recycled a weird Chinese shirt I found at a thrift store for $1.99 several years ago and never wore into a little bento carrying-style bag. The lining is sewed directly onto the shirt because the cotton is kind of worn and weak, and I figure I'll just use this for running errands anyway. I have a few other old shirt projects in the works, too.

A good friend of mine just went back to college and I quickly made her this Totoro pencil pouch for good luck. It's more or less cylindrical and has a zipper. The material is actually a suedette-like upholstery fabric I happened upon at SAS, everyone's favourite ghettolicious fabric warehouse. 

My friend was completely bowled over by this and that made me really happy, so it looks like I'll be concocting handmade Christmas gifts again this year, since those always go over the best. :]

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