Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Craft(y) Project: The Undead, Flying, Laser-Shooting Space Unicorn Sunglasses

I daresay this is a rung above a craft(y) project; I'm actually proud of this one.

These sunglasses were about 6 bucks and reminded me of Lady Gaga, so I snagged them. Well, not only did I feel like the biggest dork to ever walk the Earth when I put them on, but in some instances I literally can't walk while wearing them (which remains true in spite of the unicorns); as you can see, the whole bottom part is solid, which makes descending stairs and avoiding dogs and fire hydrants and any other object that could be rolled up by a beach ball-sized katamari challenging at best.

Initially I was going to make a stencil and spray paint a row of dancing skeletons along the bottom, but my attention span doesn't always permit such a degree of fine detail work. So I got some black and white nail polish and started painting unicorns instead. I've never painted a horse or a skull before, and though I did have to use reference pictures, the fact that this came out nicely pleases me to no end. Now I don't feel like a dork, just completely ridiculous.


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