Saturday, June 25, 2011

Froyo Fix

The fact that a new froyo place much closer to me than my beloved Juju Berri opened recently makes me pretty happy, and the fact that it has a greater variety than the latter and is a bit cheaper makes me even happier, especially during the time of year when driving my AC-less car is like driving an oven.

It's called U-Swirl, it's in the AMC 30 plaza, and it's pretty typical. For some reason about half of the people who work there are young blue-collar type guys, so as a result they're playing classic rock and metal about half the time, which is a plus.

None of their flavours caught my eye, save for Cranberry Hibiscus, which is really tasty. The first time I went I had it along with Mango and Pineapple, plus those pastel coloured marshmallows on top. About 2/3 of the 16 ounce cup cost $3.75, and it looked a lot cuter than what I had there last night but I didn't get a picture that time, so whatever.

Last night I got Cake Batter and Coconut with cheesecake pieces and marshmallow and white chocolate syrup on top. Oh yes. Juju Berri's syrups taste like death and I have no idea why, but these ones are awesome. They have flavours like Orange Creamsicle and Cherry Dr. Pepper, too. :D

They also have drinks for only 99 cents, which include these Flav fruit-infused water drinks I've never seen before and that aren't half bad. I had the mango one the first time I went.

So, point is, go to this place. It's good.