Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Room Sweet Room

While I'm aware that I'm making a gross tactical error in my ongoing hipster war with Ale by posting this, I was pretty excited about this contest I noticed in the back of the most recent UO catalog I got in the mail. I save them, sue me. $500 would be enough for me to browse their online clearance section during seasonal transitions for the remainder of my life - or my 20's, whichever comes first. 

My room has always been a ridiculous rainbow explosion of sensory overloaded awesome, so I was like, "I got this".

Well I (thankfully) read the actual contest rules, and you couldn't submit any pictures containing logos, symbols or trademarked images that people could recognise or that would infringe on copyright laws, etc. 

You could also submit only one photo. 

So then I was like, "Bollocks".

Posting pictures of my room is a bit juvenile, but like I said, I was all excited about this at first, and my new room is shaping up to be pretty cool. 
Now, allow me to illustrate why I ended up not having this contest in the bag while simultaneously paying homage to the rainbow disaster I live in.

This is a glimpse of my old room...

...aaaand here's the new one thus far:

This is all the result of cramming two bedrooms, 2 1/2 closets and part of a garage into one space. If you can't tell, the hairbands above the closet door are on a giant inflatable crayon.

Just avoiding Hello Kitty items alone was practically impossible, not to mention all of the Disney and Lady Gaga stuff, plus the art I have up that isn't mine. I tried with all different kinds of lighting and camera settings for about an hour, and this is what I finally came up with that doesn't include anything not allowed, plus goofy Photobucket manipulation:


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  1. I say GURL! You are losing this hipster battle royale! Oh, and everyone should start calling me Ale from now on. I'm glad it's been sticking.