Monday, May 30, 2011

Craft(y) Project: UFO Catcher Pouches and a Brand New Bag

I found a lobster squeaky toy and a stuffed box of Dots for 99 cents each at different thrift stores a while back. I'm sure they came from claw machines. 
Yesterday I went through ALL of my fabric and sewing projects and made these goofy little things into pouches between purging and cleaning. I was originally going to sell the Dots pouch, but now I can't decide if I actually want it or what. ><

And here's another really simple one: this giant bag was probably a diaper bag at one point in time and I found it at a thrift store for like $4. I love primary colours and thought the hot air balloons were cute, but it was cumbersome to carry around.

So, I made it into a tote bag!
 I removed the flat bottom piece, the two side panels and the bottom panel.

There's also a top panel where the zipper is, but instead of removing it and reattaching the zipper I folded each side down and stitched them to hide where the old handles had been attached, which also made the top and bottom even in terms of where the front pocket (balloon part) is. Finally, I used scraps to make a simple strap, and viola!

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