Monday, January 17, 2011

Everyday Art

I realised I haven't posted yet this month and it's already the 17th. School tomorrow. It always sneaks up on me. My sleep schedule is completely flipped around. I've been watching BBC World News and Graham Norton until about 6 every morning and then falling asleep around 7:30. 

Once I started a semester with a full day of classes having never gone to bed, and it turned out to be a rough one. I think it's bad luck to have a bad first day, it throws off the whole thing. 

I wish vodka made me sleepy.

At any rate, I take random pictures and sometimes they're kinda cool.

I made little quinoa/veggie/cheese things in a muffin pan. 
Look, one of the bell peppers has a heart.

Dr. Quest. My TV was stuck like this for about a half hour. I enjoyed it.

This is what happens when you don't clean out your bamboo for over a year. It's kind of like a brain, or Jupiter.

My vanity! The custard French provincial one that belonged to my mom in the 60's. I unpacked the rest of my stuff, cleaned it off and made it super cute with candles, unicorns, lambs and incense burners.