Monday, January 17, 2011

Accessory I Spy

Ok, so about a week ago I thought I'd gotten all of my accessories - mountains of necklaces, earrings, hair bows, pins, plastic rings, bracelets - put away. 
This is a big deal. 
Between being an only child, a bit of a pack rat, keeping things forever and thrifting, they tend to accumulate. I decided to put all of the remaining accessories on my floor in the middle of my room when I cleaned it up to vacuum.

Well, the pile filled the whole centre of the room.

Yep. Plastic saber, elbow pads (Gogol Bordello gypsy punk costume), foot.
1. Find the vintage Disney Florida Orange Bird pendant. 2. Find the tiny mammoth (bought because it's an oxymoron). 3. Find the tiny carousel. 4. Find Sailor Pluto.

Also, while Googling to see if the Florida Orange Bird had another official name, I found out about a series of pins released with him on them! Aww! 
I found out about the character on Poupee. Japanese Disney products are ten times cuter, I wish we weren't relegated to picking through what Disney marketers have decided will appeal to white trash middle America. I scoured the Interweb and finally found that pendant for like $16 on Etsy. says these were just released two weeks ago; their pin trading webstore says 2009 and various online sellers say 2010. Whatever. eBay ahoy!

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