Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Craft(y) Project: Mamegoma

Ok, so unless you live in the glittering metropolis of San Francisco or the scummier and more dangerous but still extremely sparkly L.A., where holographic flake stickers and imported Hello Kitty candy rain from the skies, Mamegoma merch is really freaking hard to find. 

Carl loves Mamegoma, and I thought, "it's just a blob with a cute face, I'll make him a plush for Christmas". :D

Am I going to provide you with a pattern? No! Haha. I never sew and I pretty much just did this, so I'm sure all of you super crafty blog-browsing creatives can figure it out just as easily. I want to sell them online, but I'm going to try to figure out of some kind of copyright infringement is involved first.

Aww! I fixed the uneven bit in his muzzle. The felt and black cotton fabric are recycled.

This fabric is called "ultra cuddle". I got it at Joann. It was half off the original price, and then I asked for a discount and got half off *again* because there were dirty spots where someone had stepped on it. I got two yards for $6.50. ◕ω◕

Finally, I took a picture of it on my head for scale. I love this as much as the Totoro plush I made a while back. I'll post that next time!

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