Thursday, September 2, 2010


So I've recently received some fabulous early birthday presents from a couple of lovely friends that I want everyone to see, and in other news, everyone should now be able to comment on my posts. Hopefully I don't get any spam or flames or flaming spam.. which may or may not be a Hawaiian dish or covered in rhinestones.

I've gotten to see Alexandra twice this summer (possibly a new record).

 Smiling's actually out this year. Matching coral/salmon shirts are in. But not the genetically modified salmon. And the salmon can't be smiling, either.
She brought me this pleasantly large statement-making Katrina necklace from her trip to Guadalajara.
And Carl got me these glorious Betsey crab earrings and ring! They were half off (suffer, major retailers, suffer!) and I was going to re-max-out my credit card for them as my love of crustaceans is undying, but he went ahead and got them so he wouldn't forget my birthday. I love Carl. The end.


  1. so cute earrings!! and ring!
    and iäm glad the comments have been enabled!

  2. Bestest friends ever!
    I've been eyeing those Betsey earrings since they came out. LUCKY~

  3. ahhh! It's alexandra! we need to hang out again so we can break our previous record! miss ya!