Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend (8.21 - 8.22): Mill Ave and Shopping

Awesome ring holder I found on sale at Urban Outfitters plus awesome soon-to-be-hair-accessory bird from Goodwill is...
... way better than the creepy overloaded hand ring holder my ex-boyfriend's grandmother gave me.
This nice Clown School-educated balloon man had never made a lobster before, so I set the task to him.

The finished product was this adorable, legless Zoidberg-esque creation. D'aww.
What a badass.

The Street
This place is a trendy Korean boba, smoothie, shaved ice, juice and milk tea bar that also serves other tasty miscellany on Southern and Dobson.
(obligatory dramatic pose)
This is one of those places that lets everyone write and draw on the walls, but instead of just the bathroom or hallway, it's the whole restaurant.
We like cephalopods.
I was massively entertained by the fact that this robot doodle shirt I got him for $2 at Goodwill allowed him to blend in with the walls like a chameleon or rebel guerilla in the forest.
Whale plus Helper

We got the "mini" (it must weigh a pound) size Diamond Ice, a summer specialty, for $4.50 (guy with the Justin Beiber haircut not included). It was red bean, mochi, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, mango, strawberries, creamy stuff and a cherry over creamy shaved ice. They also charge $3.50 for Thai tea, so we stuck with our original plan before happening upon this little gem and got it from Szechuan Express in the same plaza for $1.50.

Finally, my weekend also included a successful trip to 99 Cents Only that procured these wheat-free items, mini roses and Wall-E socks. Satisfaction.

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